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johnny concannon

Drum & Percussion Instructor

About Johnny C.

Johnny is a full-time drummer, producer and educator, he's been playing for 16 years, 10 of those professionally as an independent drummer working in live and session environments and as a drumline/private lesson instructor. 

Johnny's musical background started in elementary school with a game of musical chairs, starting with piano, cello then euphonium before finally settling on percussion at 13 years of age. What started as tapping on pillows at home quickly grew into a full-blown obsession, leading him to join every musical opportunity that presented itself in high school, including jazz, marching, pep, and show choir bands, as well as any original band he could make noise with. He attended Ball State University for a year where he was part of the drumline, Latin Music Ensemble, Marimba Ensemble and percussion studio under Dr. Erwin Mueller. He took this new inspiration for a year, but decided to leave school and make the move to Nashville, TN to focus on the drum set and to pursue his dream of being a full-time touring and recording musician. 

In the 10 years since the move to Nashville, Johnny has performed all across North America, Europe, and Australia in front of thousands of people with a wide variety of acts, including The Contortionist, Coven/Jinx Dawson, Nashville's 'Broadway Honky Tonk Circuit,' Carnival Cruiselines, High Octane Drumline, and the Indianapolis Symphonic Band.  He’s performed on more than 30 full-length recordings as a sideman and several releases from different bands and projects that he helped write and produce. He returned to Indianapolis in 2014 and has been gigging, teaching and honing his skills in modern recording engineering. He has an amazing girlfriend, dog, and cat at home and loves to improvise in the kitchen!

Influences include:  Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave DiCenso, John Bonham, Adam Deitch, Matt Garstka, Butch Vig, Dave Grohl, Eric Valentine, Sting, Buddy Rich, and many, many more





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